What do I think of this project?

Hello my name is Seck Barry. I am a junior at UPenn and a member of the track and field team.

Africa and the World is a unique documentary film, and I am excited to be a part of this project for a personal reason.  Being from Guinea, I always have profound conversations with my family and fellow African friends about the continent’s current condition and its future. Most of the time, the conversation leaves me feeling frustrated and hopeless because of the negativity that I hear about the continent and its people. I hear about how Africa’s leaders are corrupt and greedy. I also hear about the poverty of its people and the skyrocketing rate of  HIV/AIDS infection. However, I believe that the media plays a significant role in generating this negative perception of Africa to outsiders and even among Africans themselves. What should be done?

This is where this documentary film, Africa and the World, will make a difference.  It will open people’s eyes to view Africa in a whole new way and help them comprehend the continent’s current condition.  It will do this by examining the impact of key historical moments such as WWII, the end of colonialism, the Cold War and the emergence of globalization on Africa and its people. Most importantly, this documentary tells a story of the continent from the perspective of the African people themselves, which many documentaries about Africa have failed to do.  I am excited to see the impact this documentary will have on students, teachers and ordinary people. Most importantly, I look forward to seeing how it will help generate a better conversation among my African friends and family.



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