One Man’s Dream…

This is a big week, as Dr. Zuberi and crew return from Africa. The past month has been incredible, and not just for the team that went to Africa. We here in the states have worked hard to set a critical foundation for this project through the introduction of the website, mapping out social media strategies, and more. I think we’ve grown closer as a team as well. Once Dr. Zuberi and crew return to Philadelphia, we know that it will be time to push forward even harder than before.

I think the biggest thing about this project that hits me is Dr. Zuberi’s dedication to Africa. He has studied Africa for over 25 years and has spent the last 5 years working on this documentary. He wants to share the true story of Africa, what’s really happening over there and what has really happened over there. That is a bold dream and a great one at that. He has faced many obstacles along the way but is still pushing forward to tell the story. I am seeing things come together and it is a wonderful thing to see his dream come to life.

As you follow along with us, take note of how – piece by piece – we are working hard to put everything together. I hope that our followers not only learn about the important story of Africa, but also learn from the journey Dr. Zuberi is taking to share that story. Obtaining your dreams may not be easy, but hopefully, this project can be another example that anything IS possible.

– Marcus


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