Being a part of Africa and the World


My name is Erum and I am honored to be a part of the Africa and the World team.  Working with Tukufu and the team has proven to be a rewarding experience; not only because I have the chance to be a part of a significant production such as this, but it has opened my eyes to a continent that I didn’t know much about in the past.  All I heard about Africa was devastating stories regarding civil wars, genocide, disease, and poverty. However, through my research for this film, I have gained a deeper appreciation for the African people and I can now understand how such a large continent is the way it is today.  Although there are those sad stories, there are also stories of triumph, development, and innovation.   Among the many responsibilities of our team, one is to look beyond the typical negative news headlines to find those amazing stories of African people rising up and overcoming tragedy or doing good to make this world a better place.  We also come across stories about art, fashion, entertainment and more that are similar to what we see and read here in the states, but have a style that will surely broaden your horizons.

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Thank you,


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