Bridging the Gap Between Academia and the Public

“Much of today’s scholarship [on international issues] … remains locked within the circle of esoteric scholarly discussion.” – Diplomat David Newsom

Dr. Zuberi’s work is working to break down the barrier that prevents transmission of the knowledge of academics to the general public. As one of his interns, I see his daily effort to engage the public in his research; there is nothing he appreciates more than seeing discussions arise from a question he poses on one of his social media sites. I recently asked him how this philosophy ties into his decision to produce a movie and book about Africa and the World. He responded,

“It is important for scholars to make their expertise available to the public. By making a film and writing a book about Africa and the World I hope to engage both scholars and the public into a conversation about an important topic.  Africa will be the new China and India of the 21st Century, so Africa’s importance will become increasingly important over the next few decades, and an informed public will be better able to engage this new reality.”

Along with Dr. Zuberi, the entire Africa and the World team urges everyone to participate in the production process by leaving comments with questions, suggestions, and thoughts. This film is for the public, so help us make it exactly what you envision it to be.

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