Dr. Tukufu Zuberi and his team have worked on a number of exciting projects throughout the years. Known to be a jack of all trades, Dr. Zuberi is a curator, executive director, TV host and producer  of films. Dr. Zuberi has been working on two major projects other than the film African Independence these several past years. Together with the Independence Seaport Museum in Philadephia, he has curated the Tides of Freedom; African Presence on the Delaware RiverThe exhibit will be up at the Museum for the next 3 years. The exhibit is worth seeing because of the important history that it preserves. Dr. Zuberi has also curated a second project. This time with the Museum of the University of Pennsylvania;Penn Museum. This exhibit is called the Black Bodies in Propaganda; The Art of the War Poster.  This exhibit will remain at the Penn Museum until March next year.

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