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  1. David Gakere Ndegwa

    Great Stuff! Pioneering work and something generations will refer to. As an African whose grandfather (who am named after) was conscripted to fight in Burma, i’m very chaffed to see that the story is being told. I wish it would be possible to trace the individual records of those who were conscripted for their descedants like me to learn what they experienced. Definately a huge fan!

  2. Dr Zuberi – I am just finding out about you while doing some research on Legacy Mag website. I am a Africana Studies enthusiast and would love the opportunity to chat with you via email or by phone. As a grant writer, I have several projects that I would like to discuss with you to make you aware of, and possibly share with the collective community. My website is My email is
    Peace and Hotep!

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